What's new Android 7.1 update

The newest version of Android called Nougat, it is already account this month with its first update.

Which come factory-installed in the new terminal of Google, as are the new mobile Pixel, while the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel 6P, on the other hand, holders of these terminals can now download the previous version of this update.
Android 7.1
Android 7.1

The first quarterly update of Nougat more than being just a maintenance update, there have been efforts to make certain improvements to the operating system and the new are several that can be found in this new version 7.1.

Starting with the most noticeable changes are the inclusion of shortcuts, to which we enter from the application icons displayed on the screen. What you should do is hold to see the drop-down options for app shortcut. With this it will be possible to call or send messages to a favorite contact, start the search in Chrome incognito mode, see our list of subscriptions YouTube and more.

When sending a message, it is possible to attach a Gif, Sticker and image, without leaving the keyboard, but for the moment this improvement is only from the Messenger. This may have come a little late compared to other manufacturers, but it is already possible to restart the phone. Also fast system settings had a slight modification, because now when you go to these through the notification bar, and now appear 9 icons will be among the other options one to edit the settings menu.

Among the options settings you can now have, for example a choice of movements, which does is set "gestures" with which we can quickly access different phone options, click twice the power button, turn the phone two sometimes, pick up the phone, stuff like that. The Help option, with access to the support page and help from Google and the section of tips and tricks.

Other new options include: Cleanup and Intelligent Storage The first which implements is that files deleted when the user comes to this option, and if we have an application unused for more than 90 days, the system will recommend itself uninstall . It is clear that sometimes you have to move from those apps that let into oblivion.

Moreover, intelligent storage option is intended to complement Cleanup, because here you can set the length of time that want the photo files and videos that have backups are deleted. This in time lapses of 30, 60 and 90 days old.

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