The View-Master now in Virtual Reality

Now the very remembered by all and classic toy has returned with the intention of surprising users with their latest generation images and has joined the new wave of Virtual Reality.

Called the "grandfather of the Oculus Rift", as described a few days ago the famous IGN technology portal to the View-Master. In fact for a few years, or rather for decades, this much loved by everyone red plastic visor was for many generations (surely you were the owner of one) something like the window to much landscapes, wonderful places and much more.

And although it is somewhat difficult to believe, this red toy was also the door to virtual reality at that time where there was no term "virtual reality" as such.

Now, Mattel expects this will be its triumphant return, and that the new View-Master will become a modern virtual reality helmet, which proposes to transmit to this new generation the same sensation of wonder and Alegrías that managed to produce in the past (generation that of which you formed part).

As for the overall appearance, this is an evolution of the original design that we all remember. It has smoother lines and much more refined. But now instead of inserting plastic discs in a small slot, users have to install a "smartphone" (it is compatible with Apple, Samsung, Motorola among several manufacturers), of course this, having previously installed an app.

This does not mean that the famous records we all knew have been eliminated from history. Actually, the use of these is a rather interesting innovation that brings this "reloaded" version of the new View-Master, since they work at the same time as augmented reality experience system and as if this were not enough, they are also a door to virtual reality.

There is no doubt that the View-Master marks its mark more than in the history of toys, it was in the history of entertainment, as it managed to arouse joy in both large and small.

The Mattel company has put a lot of heart and commitment so that the return of the View-Master is a success and decides to play in this new but somewhat saturated market of Virtual Reality, since it will have to compete with the products of big companies such as Facebook, Google and others.

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