The Switch Console is the ace up his sleeve Nintendo

Last week, was chosen by the Japanese company to finally show the world what they had hiding since 2015.

A year with this mystery and end our ideas of what could be NX will have to come up short, because if anything is known about Nintendo when making consoles is that they seek to innovate and learn from their not so successful Wii U, seems that this time they will in large with the Nintendo Switch.
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Switch is the new attempt to want to make a hybrid console between cacera and handheld console, with the difference that this time they have done better than Wii U. Compact, stylish and novel are some of the words with which you can define to Switch.

The console is formed into three major parts. The first would be the command to which they have called Joy-Con, which is capable of being used in three different ways, going to his main reason for use, serious as a typical remote control that connects to the game console to play comfortably with the TV in your home, this grace to the Nintendo Switch Dock, which is a modular bay to the mode of the console, allowing this to connect to a television screen and allowing the console to achieve a maximum resolution of 1080p.

The second way to use the controller responds to another of the key elements of the console, which is a small LCD screen (something like a tablet, which is shown in the video) and will be responsible in all cases to operate the console. The control is able to adapt to the sides of the small LCD screen, allowing bring the game experience where you need to go, something like the Wii U but further still. This screen will be able to reach a resolution HD 720p about, and being by the bay which allows you to climb to 1080p.

The third way to use this control is to allow sharing the experience with your friends, as the two main parts of the control are able to be used as two controls so that you can play with a friend. Consoles will also be interconnected with each other, allowing you to share the hours of games with other possessors Switch.
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

In addition, for classic gamers joystick, they may have the Pro Controller which respects the design of a conventional control, but most likely be sold separately.

More concerning technical specifications, Nintendo has not given much information, and say to beware this until 2017, when the console for March will be released, but what if known is the participation of Nvidia, where its Tegra processor is built into the console.

In the section of games, video ad shows variety between securities of the same Nintendo and third parties, where there are games like the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, the new version of Martio Kart 8 for the console , Splatoon (and a small reference to the possible arrival of Switch to e-Sports), a possible new Super Mario, and games like Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, NBA 2K, are some of the third-party games that can reach the console, and where the use of cartridges for games is again protagonist.
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

It is not known whether there will be retro-compatibility with games of Wii U and 3DS but as Nintendo has not given much information, and so impressive video, which have shown, there is much that is believed to become of Switch and being well received by the gaming community. And it is that just looking at the list of companies that are beginning to work in Switch, many good things to come with this small and impressive Nintendo console that brings us to the next year.

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