New MacBook Pro Apple reinvents itself

It is no secret to anyone that the new high-end laptop from the company's white apple, the MacBook Pro, is a very comfortable and beautiful working tool for almost any area.
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

Usually the Apple company does not usually rush and shows a button, since it has literally taken its time to renew, rather to reinvent what would be one of its most iconic products in history. There is not talk of gigantic sales worldwide, but it is a very but very loyal and very professional clientele.

In fact, there are many followers of the brand who say that Macbook Pro are not devices for recreational use, nor are they focused on those who are limited to just replying emails, surfing the internet, touching up another photograph of the vacation With the family or just writing in a word processor.

We are talking about these machines are thought from the beginning to perform intense work, such as editing a movie, DJ sessions, graphic design in general. In conclusion we could say that these are laptops whose price and capacities are very close to the also powerful models of desktop.

The wait of about 4 years has been too long for many (this due to the absence of chips according to the needs of the company providing Intel microprocessors), which in fact should have ended in June this year . And as if this were not enough, we still have to wait a few weeks until we can get our hands on the famous touchpad that everyone is talking about on the internet.
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

In the past four years, Apple has had the time to improve the performance of the MacBook Pro, to completely change the chassis, to include surround speakers, to add a flawless display, to refresh its keyboard, and to increase the size of the touch panel Which supplies the mouse.

Along the way in search of perfection have left some grams of weight, since the new models are something like 20% less voluminous and the final weight of the same is between 1.5 and 2 kilograms, depending on whether it is The version of 13 or 15 inches respectively.

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