Meet the headphones Samsung Gear IconX

Gear headphones flashy IconX company Samsung have some advanced sensors for user count steps and measure heart rate.
Samsung Gear IconX
Samsung Gear IconX

We could say that Samsung headphones Icon X fulfill that promise that many users were waiting to be the first truly wireless headset manufacturer. These do not have any cable, lie very comfortably in your ears and from there the same function as hearing aids, as well as hands free and as if little as voice control for your smartphone.

Its use is very simple, in fact after emprejarlo with your smartphone, it's just a matter of putting in place and start using them. For example, if you want to play music, these can be configured as would any Bluetooth headset on the market, or you can also use its 3.5 GB of internal memory, which allow store up to 1,000 songs that can be played without any need to carry a smartphone or be paired with it.

But besides being used for music, they can also carry a detailed monitoring of their physical state, counting the steps, controlling your heart rate and, best of all, there is no need to be looking at your phone or SmartWatch, since the system will verbally notify any developments. It is obvious that, to have this kind of portable personal trainer, it is imperative to synchronize App headphones with health and access your Samsung account.

Absolutely everything is handled without cables, and also without any buttons. Just a few touches or movements in headphones to access and control a variety of functions they offer. Although it costs a little work at first getting used to the commands, the user ends up becoming very adept at this new kind of interaction with this type of peripheral.
Samsung Gear IconX
Samsung Gear IconX

It is more than clear that these headphones Samsung are the direct responsibility of the airPods company of white manzanita Apple, which also offer the possibility of being controlled by small touches, but have no storage capacity as if the case of IconX Gear, which will secure a lot of talk on all social networks.

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