LG and Volkswagen create smart cars

Front line, this alliance has the premise of making vehicles through the internet can be synchronized with homes that are also smart.
LG and Volkswagen
LG and Volkswagen

The renowned South Korean company LG has made it known publicly and officially, that will work together with the German giant of the automotive industry, Volkswagen, with the aim of carrying out those which would research and development regarding the next generation of fully internet connected cars.

These two companies will focus their forces and focus on what would be the creation of a powerful platform that will allow a future breed of intelligent vehicles connected to other external devices via the famous cloud technology.

So both companies were planning in the coming years, users have the opportunity to control appliances from their homes (among which we can mention lighting, security systems, etc) quietly from the comfort of the car, as all these will be connected to the internet.

Alibaba is encouraged and launches into the pool of smart cars

Meanwhile, the company car of Chinese technology better known as Alibaba, will be connected to the internet and establish which would be the basis for the giant Chinese e-commerce will soon enter an important technology for automatic driving conditions encountered perfecting , this according to what he said Wang Jian, who is the chief technology officer of the Chinese firm.
LG and Volkswagen
LG and Volkswagen

Alibaba has also established relationships with SAIC Motor Corp, the company that is the largest automotive manufacturer in China. These showed the world his car jointly developed, which is equipped with the interesting operating system named of Yunos, which can connect with smartphones, at an event held this week in Hangzhou

As rumored the car goes on sale this year

Quickly see autoconducción automotive technology resulting from this platform, said Wang in comments made during the event.
LG and Volkswagen
LG and Volkswagen

Among which we could classify as major technology firms worldwide, Alibaba comes relatively late to this party offering a platform with the ability to connect a smartphone to a car, because, similar technologies have already been driven and created by Google of Alphabet, Apple and Baidu.

Now, the race to market those cars that have the ability to handle alone is far from over.

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