Joled display technology without pixels

Although it sounds somewhat ahead of its time, the Joled is a new display technology that instead of working with celebrities pixels makes using voxels, which are controlled by ultrasound.

This technology was developed at the University of Sussex in the UK, and is aiming to become the future of the screens have insurance on our homes.

THE Joled is based on many tiny spheres which levitate thanks to ultrasound have built what many call "the future of screens" very surprised, because it transcends completely than would the concept of pixels to the new voxels, the which it is the smallest unit of a three-dimensional matrix, compared to the two dimensions present the pixels.

Thanks to many experiments and advances, scientists have moved the new voxels by polystyrene beads, that remain in the required position, are controlled or also could be said that fastened through the action of special speakers located at the top and bottom of what could be called "panel".

Each of these pearls is assigned a respective ultrasound for each, and modulating said sound directed to each of these the much desired movement is achieved. To this we must proceed to paint one side of the points and then cover them with titanium dioxide, thus ensuring an electrostatic charge whereby the direction in which they move and the color displayed independently or all at the same time is controlled . However, the final disposition of all this is a grid 6 × 7 voxels.

Eventhough its name suggests, Joled makes no reference to OLED or the like, because here there is no trace of "organic light-emitting diode", so we must assume that beyond the J Janus, the name could be said to be purely commercial, even though the acronym have some internal or similar meaning.

Although this new Joled technology is pretty much in its early days, it is quite possible to imagine great practical applications at the time that the density achieves increased perfectly to be able to produce real images that besides this, provide an impeccable depth thanks to the capabilities offered by Joled.

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