Goodbye Vine, hello Hype

Despite the lamentable closure of the Vine application, the ambitions of its founders have not been quenched at all, in fact they plan to reinvent the way we communicate with our smartphones through Hype.

Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, who are the founders of Vine, are already looking forward to working on a new live video application for smartphones.

In fact, it is already available and its creators hope to attract the attention of millions of users by offering a variety of narrative tools that they claim can not be found in any other current service.

The new Hype (currently only available for iPhone) will have a difficult competition, because in this same territory are Periscope Twitter, Facebook Live and the heavyweights called Instagram and Snapchat. We must remember some applications that came first, such as Meerkat that did not survive, but Yusupov and Kroll fully trust that their new additions mark the difference between the competition.

We think you can have a better experience, one that uses all the capabilities of the phones to add effects and content within the live broadcast, say the creators of Hype.

These refer to the great possibility that users combine photos, videos, GIFs, music, text, emojis or backgrounds that extend in an infinite way the possibilities of the creators so as to create what could be called TV shows Fully live with only one tool, an iPhone phone.

For those who relay the signal, they can receive comments from the viewers and see metrics of what the audience thinks by means of surveys.

The parents of Hype, Yusupov and Kroll presented the App through the application itself; Using a thematic background according to the colors of the brand and interacting with the small audience that followed the launch of Hype thanks to the music, videos, GIFs and photos that were included in the transmission.

In fact, the additions made this broadcast feel much more vivid and much more dynamic without going so far as to become chaotic. It was fun and it showed its potential.

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