Galaxy S8 bet "All In" Samsung

The firm Samsung WANT if or turn over his black chapter called Note 7 (recalled as we know), has forced the company to work very hard, so S8 and the Galaxy project is materializing.
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

Correct the galaxy S8, which will be the new model of the company for the next 2017, and it focuses from all the efforts of all areas of the Samsung. Now the goal of this project is to regain lost ground and credibility in recent months, and more against the company and its also famous Apple iPhone in July.

To achieve the above, Lee Kyeong-tae, who is vice president of the major mobile division of Samsung, has made public and some officers of the keys that will have this new terminal of the company which will be much thinner, a improved cameras and highly advanced artificial intelligence.

Without going into details Lee has said that "the device will have a very attractive design and improved camera, like a system of more advanced artificial intelligence". As would be speculating on the important role that could have Viv, which is a "startup" founded by the creators of Siri and was strategically acquired by Samsung few weeks ago.

Another rumor about the new Galaxy S8, is that this includes a rear dual camera, such as the iPhone 7 Plus, which gradually is becoming and a tendency which increasingly are opting more smartphone manufacturers .

As for the design of the new S8, it is very likely that the start button we all know go down in history and that the company Samsung incorporates a fingerprint sensor on the screen, as it is presumed that could make the signing of the white manzanita with the future iPhone 8 that all goes well and as scheduled, this will also be released in 2017.
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

This time the company can not fail with the new terminal will present nothing more and nothing less than the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2017 (within just a few months).

Unfortunately fires have consumed Galxy Note 7 much of the profits and sales of the Samsung, in fact, at the end of the third quarter of what would be its fiscal year, it earned a net profit of 4.54 trillion Korean won ( 3,641 million euros), which is 16.8% less compared with the same period last year.

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