Ford and Blackberry smart cars manufactured

This interesting alliance between Blackberry Enterprise automotive technology and home Ford, whose main objective is getting to convert the software and connectivity factors "de facto" manufacturing of smart cars.
Ford and Blackberry
Ford and Blackberry

The company recalled Blackberry announced that follows on the play at the moment, as it made an important agreement with Ford to produce software to drive the first generation of autonomous cars. As reported by the company at the time said this at the top of smartphones, Blackberry, on its official blog announcement that a team of engineers will be working on what would be the expansion of the operating system called QNX Neutrino, powerful technology Certicom name security and software for audio processing known as QNX to be incorporated into vehicles.

"The future of the automobile is integrated intelligence. I think that our experience in integrated software sure makes us preferred to put intelligence in car technology provider, "he was told media John Chen, who is the current executive and CEO chairman of the company source Canadian BlackBerry.

These autonomous cars promise to convert the software and connectivity in the central factors in what would be the entire automatic production chain.

"With the success of our SYNC 3 System worldwide we understand the importance of the cars connected to our customers. Increase our experience and use of software platforms BlackBerry QNX will help ensure that we offer the experience of high quality and high security that our customers expect, "is what Indian Raj Nair, who is the current executive vice president of development products and also the technical director of the Ford company.
Ford and Blackberry
Ford and Blackberry

Many are those who gave the company Blackberry for closed, but that no longer has a more imposing presence had a few years ago does not mean that this was the move of the technological field. It is for this reason that he has chosen to reinvent itself and find new lines of business like engines, where his alliance with Ford will secure enough to talk on the internet and all the social networks.

It remains only expect to see in the streets the fruit of what would this agreement Ford / Blackberry, which as indicated by the expectations of many experts in the field will be a very good product.

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