Canon has created a 250-megapixel sensor

Megapixels are not as important as most people can think, at least if the photos you take will only end up being shared on social networks like Facebook or through Instagram for example. But megapixels are important if you have serious projects in mind, or need to print very large photos.

Canon has created a 250-megapixel sensor
Canon has created a 250-megapixel sensor

Recently Canon has made a great announcement as far as the world of megapixels refers, as they have announced that they have created a sensor of no less than 250 megapixels. We are talking about a sensor that is 10-20 times more powerful than many regular cameras, and is even several times more powerful than a high-end camera.

This new camera sensor lets you take photos with a resolution of up to 19580 × 12600 pixels. According to what is mentioned by Canon, it seems that the sensor is so good that even managed to make a very clear shot of a text on the side of an airplane that was 18 kilometers. In terms of video, Canon has indicated that it can record at a quality that is about 125 times better than Full HD and about 30 times better than 4K.

We are not entirely sure about the applications that can be given to a sensor of this type, but according to what the company said, could be used in specialized equipment in surveillance, or in measuring instruments where you have to be extremely accurate , And of course also in certain industrial tools.

Basically, do not expect that this 250-megapixel sensor will soon be available on regular camera, as that is not its purpose. Any modern smartphones, a modern camera or even 3 or 4 years ago can take excellent photos.

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