Apple works on the development of an intelligent mirror

Our daily routine, from getting up in the morning until we fall, we sleep at night, always, at some point there is a screen in front of us, something that has become so common in our lives.

Apple Mirror
Apple Mirror

From the television to our clocks, we are already able to interact with it, with just a simple touch. Now what follows, is the only thing we see to see ourselves every morning, it was not long before the mirrors began to be the possible new trend in touch screens.

From the hand of Apple, you have already seen the first glimpses of what could be the next great novelty of the company. Previously we have seen companies interested in creating a future based on "Smart Glasses" (smart glasses). But now Apple has wanted to release its "probable" model of what could be the first Smart Mirror to hit the market.

A mirror with touchscreen, with iOS 10 operating system. In this video, Rafael Dymek, shows us what can become the company's intelligent mirror, and is practically like watching an iPhone or iPad in incredible proportion. It shows us how with a simple touch on the screen will be enough to activate the interface of this, with its icons and widgets that we can include on the screen as well as set the time, date and time.

Apple Mirror
Apple Mirror

From seeing us in a mirror, now we can read the news online, listen to music and watch videos on YouTube. The latter can be seen as something funny, it would be like having a television so many inches. The display interface after 45 seconds of inactivity goes to sleep mode, leaving this as what it is, a mirror.

Applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Uber, Twitter, Facebook and your Messenger are the ones that can be used in the Smart Mirror, but for all this, the lack of more details are missing to see how serious it can get To be this project or how far can reach, the question is whether it is a real project in development or just an idea of ​​something that may one day become, there is no confirmation, but eventually the creative Dymek or another spokesman Of the company will tell the world what are the aces up the sleeve that Apple has for this, almost already, new year that awaits us around the corner, the next to that.

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