An App for detecting heart attacks

Heart attacks are considered one of the most common cardiovascular diseases that can threaten the life of a person.
App for detecting heart
App for detecting heart

That is why a group of researchers from the University of Turku in Finland have to work on developing a mobile application that will allow the detection of possible anomalies in the functioning of the heart.

The app runs on motion sensors that are installed in mobile phones. These sensors are gyroscopes, which can be found pre-installed in all models of iPhones, as well as multiple devices with Android system.

Devices that have the app just need to place the phone on the breast for 2 minutes, and this micro detect rotational movements of the chest cavity, releasing data with 90% accuracy in detecting potential attacks. Subsequently, the application uses an algorithm to process the data, allowing to detect anomalies myocardial infarction.
App for detecting heart
App for detecting heart

When blood flow to the heart muscle is disturbed, these micro-movements in the chest are affected and the phone can feel it, says the project manager, Tero Koivisto.

Finnish researchers say that detecting heart attacks when they are presented in their first symptoms is essential to have medical attention as soon as possible.

Cardiology professor Juhani Airaksinen, delicate explain what it is to suffer a heart attack and how necessary your earliest attention. So he says: A heart attack is caused by a blockage in the coronary artery that supplies oxygen-rich blood to the heart. The part of the heart muscle that suffers from a lack of oxygen can cause permanent damage and, therefore, an urgent clinical intervention is very important.

The researchers say that a common misconception that often make people prone to heart attacks is that they confuse chest pains fatal, with simple transient pain.

This application seeks to encourage patients to seek medical care more quickly. Our goal is not ruling out heart attacks, but give a signal to the patient when it comes to a real emergency, said Koivisto.
App for detecting heart
App for detecting heart

The creation of this application could help in the detection of many possible cases of heart attacks, where those attacks are among the most common.

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