You can now control your GoPro with Apple Watch

GoPro has released an update to its iOS app, and in this new version some property insurance that many have been waiting added: it is the support for the Apple Watch.
GoPro with Apple Watch
GoPro with Apple Watch

The first watch apple is now compatible with the application of GoPro, meaning that from now we will be able to control our GoPro cameras directly from our wrist, which undoubtedly will be very useful for those who have the smartwatch Apple and one of these cameras.

So far, those who wanted to control the camera using the Apple clock had to resort to third-party applications, so without doubt is great to finally have official compatibility between the two devices.

The user interface of the GoPro app in the Apple Watch is very simple, and provides users with access to basic camera controls, such as start recording and pause and stop recording. The app also allows a preview of what is being recorded and can even switch between different modes.

It should also be mentioned that it has added a new feature in the iPhone app level, allowing take pictures of a video more easily, and it can also set marks 5, 15 and 30 seconds in the videos.

The functions available for the Apple Watch are very basic, although insurance will facilitate the life to more than one user to control the camera without much effort and direct from your wrist.

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