Wood batteries for the future

Yes, you read that right: wood. A battery made of wood? The idea may sound a bit ridiculous at first, but we must not forget that the wood in your material that can be soft, hard and flexible at the same time, and most importantly, is able to absorb liquid electrolytes. This new type of batteries used microscopic fibers of wood, so they really are something like a wooden nanobatteries.
Wood batteries for the future
Wood batteries for the future

A group of engineers at the University of Maryland are working on this new project that aims to create an ecological battery and also inexpensive. The fibers used in the tests are pine and are 1000 times thinner than a sheet of paper. In addition to this, rather than implementing traditional lithium batteries, this new type of battery uses sodium, which the team believes will work best on a larger scale, for example by storing the electrical energy produced in a solar power plant.

Besides all this, the new wooden nanobattery is capable of supporting a cycle of 400 charges, which is a lot compared with what technology makes available on the market. For now the new batteries are not ready to use on your smartphone, but will probably be ready in a couple of years.

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