WhatsApp lets you draw on the screen

Currently the social network Snapchat is in the crosshairs of the major social networks in the world.

On this occasion, was the WhatsApp, the most famous and used instant messaging application in the world, which has decided to "inspiration" (so to speak, but we all know that the thing is not) at its nearest rival to offer its users new features.

Being one of the latest functionality, having incorporated in its new version 2.16.263, it is worth noting which is still in testing phase, will allow its users to "draw" figures (like a blackboard) on the screen your smartphone, as well, to send the famous "stickers", which are small visual resources that can decorate your photos.

These new features, that "from now" can be tested in those terminals that have the operating system for Android mobile devices, open safe range of possibilities to communicate with your loved ones, family, work colleagues and friends.

And all this will thanks to these fun and attractive emoticons that have been won by the users great popularity and affection in recent days and equally to maintain the same wavelength, other famous social networking platforms such as Twitter or Instagram have begun to incorporate into their services to keep their users happy.

With these new elements, you can customize as you like you take photographs of the moments of your life as well as use other options to add as editing text written in various sizes, colors and typography.

It is noteworthy that others have for users of new and interesting visual resources, WhatsApp works hard to add to all versions an option that is sure to be very interesting: it is able to draw directly to "freehand" on the screen your device when an image you want to share with other users. In this way, you can write for example, a very curious phrase, point to any image detail or just do some sketch desired.

It is said that WhatsApp similarly update its application for the Android platform, to allow users to share the famous images in GIF format, also activate a new design of front flash to make better "selfies" or power zoom for what would be the video recording.

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