They came the robots working for us and care for us too

Robots to be shown, although some emotion played by melodious airs full of smiles future not want. And it is not nueco the fact that the machines have become even smarter and threaten to gain a foothold in industrial processes and home.

One of the most interesting and attractive possibilities has always been the ability to emulate us own human actions. Interactive household robots make their way into many forms, such as:

Way homeward

"One of the great challenges of robotics engineering, specifically in the field of consumer robotics, is to increase people's credibility on the effectiveness of robots and visibility of the category of future cleaning robots. Increasingly, consumers are realizing that they can rely on domestic robots that deliver what they promise, "said Colin Angle, who is the CEO and founder of the company iRobot.
Robot Work
Robot Work

One of the major contributions of this American company, has been popularizing a cleaning apparatus which does not stop being a "thinking" machine, which is seen as a very practical assistant.

The latest version of this, the Roomba 980, can be controlled remotely once paired with a parent or parent device, such as smartphone via Wi-Fi.

More interactive androids

Fun, smiling and talkative, are another concept that remains to show the proposals of humanoid robots. The iconic Peeper or RoBoHon, a creation of Japanese company Sharp, robot are examples of the possibilities offered by connecting via a smart phone.

Every time he is improving the ability to remember the faces of the people (biometrics) that registers with its front cameras. And call them by name. The challenge, in any case clear this is to develop broader capabilities in the future.

In 2016 it is Domestic market low-cost robots

"It is estimated that this 2016 hit the market many household robots at low cost and see, on the one hand, the reaction of people, and secondly, the real needs, so 2016 promises to be quite interesting. Robots without real applications are useless, "he told this newspaper Victor Martin, director general of the Spanish firm Macco Robotics.

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