The Sentinel-3A satellite will be the seas and oceans

The satellite called Sentinel-3A was launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia, on board a Rockot rocket, with the aim of being part of a fleet of important satellites for "X-rayed" from space the state of our dear planet.
Sentinel-3A Satellite
Sentinel-3A Satellite

The Sentinel-3A, which pay particular attention to the oceans, is part of a project of the European Space Agency (ESA), and currently already has two satellites in orbit.

"After years of hard work developing the mission, all felt very excited watching our encapsulated satellite knowing it will be the last time we see it," said the director of Sentinel 3A ESA program, Bruno Berruti, in a press the space agency.

This new satellite is part of the Copernicus program, a major initiative led by the European Commission in cooperation with ESA that aims to observe continuously planet earth and provide data to improve the management of our environment, understand and mitigate the effects of the tragic climate change and ensure security.

The Sentinel missions are designed as one and consists of two identical satellites in the same orbit but separated by just 180 degrees. So, like Sentinel-1 and 2, 3 will be two, but so far only launched one of each pair.
Sentinel-3A Satellite
Sentinel-3A Satellite

The data will be distributed free of charge to users around the world, says ESA

This third version of the sentinel pay particular attention to our oceans, teles measuring data such as height, temperature and color of the surface and the thickness of the ice shelves.

The collection of these data will allow monitoring changes in sea level, pollution or biological productivity in our oceans bastos.

Sentinel-3 also will map land uses, vegetation indices obtained and measure the height of rivers and lakes. Also, you will be able to detect possible forest fires from space in record time.

From space we will have a guardian to watch over our oceans as you learn more about them.

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