The role of VOIP technology in communications XXI Century

What is needed to start a business? Grosso modo; entrepreneurial spirit, an idea and money. And this last prop for starting any business is one of the most important in the same way as it is to get the most out of every euro or dollar invested in the company.
VOIP technology
VOIP technology

Moving from broad stroke the fine, once I got the money to start our business, one of the basic needs of a business in the twenty-first century is well served. Sales channels, internal and customer must work with greater fluidity and adapt to the needs of the company, customers and users and traditional telephone systems no longer provide the necessary enterprise tools.

To this we can add that a system of fluid communication between the company, customers and suppliers no longer depend solely on the phone. Today, to close business or address claims use chats, voicemails, emails or video conferencing and all this will not find in traditional telephone systems or, at least, will not find at a reasonable price.
VOIP technology
VOIP technology

An ace in the sleeve of companies

Accepting the conclusion that today companies need specialized communication tools at the lowest cost, the ace in the sleeve of business is VOIP (Voice over IP).
VOIP technology
VOIP technology

VOIP is the technology that allows you to use the Internet to transmit voice and data and the heart of IP telephony that can reduce costs in your phone bill and offers tools to increase the operability in business.

Eduardo Gimeno is Director General of + IP, specializing in IP telephony systems, company and tells us some of the advantages of this technology for companies.

a. Why IP telephony means savings for businesses?
To begin, calls between offices and extensions of the company are free. And not only within the same workplace. If, for example, the sales department is conducting visits, all calls are made through the company IP PBX and internal calls remain free even if the worker is abroad. Also, the call rates are infinitely cheaper than traditional lines.

If we add the costs of installation and maintenance of these devices are much cheaper than the old switchboards, we are talking about IP telephony can save between 40% and 60% on the bill a business phone depending on the case and that is one of the reasons why it is replacing traditional communication systems of copper telephone lines.

b. We are talking of offices, branches, departments is oriented to large companies and consolidated technology?

Absolutely. VOIP technology offers solutions available to any company or business. In + IP, for example, we work with both large enterprises that need a service call center for more than three hundred operators and small businesses or freelancers who need to correctly take your calls with a virtual PBX.

In + IP, for example, we have virtual PBX services from just over 18 euros per month with three extensions. These switchboards in the cloud are all you need for a small business to properly take your calls and not lose customers.

c. Imagine that one of our entrepreneurs start a business and save costs to hire a virtual PBX such as that told us three extensions. What makes if the company grows and needs more lines ?, no longer serves your PBX in the cloud?

That's just another benefit of IP telephony, which is fully scalable. In + IP designed as both the functions and benefits of each IP PBX, whether physical or virtual. Furthermore, in the case of virtual PBXs, extensions, as well as preventive maintenance, they are done remotely so no system expansion costs.

Thus, the company may be expanding or reducing your phone system and pay only for what you need because, in addition to the number of lines or extensions can add features like private numbering plans, call groups, IVR applications, voice voice extension or advanced statistics.

Thus, with minimal investment, a basic virtual PBX can end up becoming a Virtual Call Center CRM system or a complete system of virtual secretary to a Business Center.

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