Take a look inside the small car that drives Google only

We have known how it looks outside the last vehicle of Google that has the ability to conduct alone for more than one year; rounded, compact and very cute, but now we can also see inside. Google took their prototype vehicles to Community School of Music and Arts hometown of Mountain View company Saturday, allowing members of the local community to look into automatic cars as part of the Paint The Town, company. The pictures they took show a surprisingly spacious living area without steering wheel, and an aesthetic like toy.
Car Driver Google
Car Driver Google

As was shown by The Washington Post's Matt McFarland, the car interior is more functional than elegant. The seats are very plastic, storage space in the front of the car is basically a bucket, and the ground seems to be designed to be cleaned. But while it may not have fur trim and a dashboard with style, we must remember that these cars are still the first prototypes, and its interior certainly will go through several revisions before the first is commercially available.

At this stage of the test, the law dictates that Google cars need a steering column that is suitable for driving tests, but the device was removed temporarily from the vehicles on display at the event weekend. the amount of space vehicles without steering wheel are for passengers, offering an impressive amount of legroom in a vehicle the size of a Smart car is particularly noteworthy.

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