Tag Heuer presents its SmartWatch

The powerful new Tag Heuer smartwarch was baptized with the name of "Connected Watch" this is 100% compatible with Android and iOS operating system, in addition to an excellent and sober design.
Tag Heuer smartwarch
Tag Heuer smartwarch

The giant luxury swiss watches, better known as Tag Heuer, last week launched its first smart watch or smartwatch, which was created in partnership with companies Intel and Google week. Whether it is fully available in electronics stores around the world, as well as have them online, its price is around $ 1,500 dollars.

The first thing the new Connected Watch highlights is its sleek design. Its manufacture is made of titanium, so it is a fairly light clock (weighs about 52 grams) and very comfortable to use. Its strap is made of vulcanized rubber with folding clasp and safety push buttons titanium. This wonderful watch has a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of about 12.8 mm. So it may be a bit bulky for people are accustomed to ultrathin watches.

Unlike the famous Apple Watch, the spectacular display Connected Watch is completely circular (it's all touch and 1.5 inches in diameter). The display is digital and maintains the unmistakable traditional aesthetics of a luxury Swiss watch.
Tag Heuer smartwarch
Tag Heuer smartwarch

It has a physical button on the right side that offers several features, such as going to the options menu and turn on and off the clock display.

The Tag Heuer has as Android Wear operating system. And for operation, this requires an application called "Android Wear Smartwatch," which can be downloaded free on mobile.

Its processor is an Intel dual-core 1.6GHz and has 1GB of RAM, features that provide a very good performance in this class of devices that dress.
Tag Heuer smartwarch
Tag Heuer smartwarch

The Connected Watch allows users to initiate, answer and reject calls without having to remove the phone from his pocket or briefcase carteta. This an excellent choice to start a conversation without having the phone in his ear. But nevertheless, for a more private conversation you need to use headphones. You can also send and receive text messages, alarms and start adding routes, among other functions quite interesting, all this through helpful voice commands.

Its battery (410 mAh) offers a respectable range of up to a full day, but may be less if the use that is given is very intensive. The watch is fully charged in an hour and this requires a magnetic charger.

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