Smart watches New technology to copy in exams

And a few years ago, students were cheating on tests with a tiny paper with notes bearing strategically hidden. But today, the piece of paper with mathematics or physics formulas remain one of the most popular methods to copy in exams, but now you can find more sophisticated or rather 2.0 through technology ways.
Clock Copy
Clock Copy

One of the latest is using a clock with text screen at first glance looks like a any ordinary digital watch. But what many teachers now know is that in your memory can store and view hundreds of files in PDF or Word.

Great popularity

Basically we could say that imitation is traditional watches with electronic ink display or LCD with very low gloss, special discreetly to display text that is stored in a Flash memory. The popularity of these has been so great that there are even sites that only involved only to sell them. This is the case of the famous Exams Clock, SOS Alarm Clock or also Cutlet Online.
Clock Copy
Clock Copy

A nightmare for school

Smart watches or rather digital clocks with hidden contents would be fully subject to the rules prohibiting electronic devices in exam rooms as well as mobile phones or any other computer technology that can be used to fraud in an exam.

But Joe Sidders, who is deputy head at British secondary school Monkton Combe School in England, said the rise of these small portable devices run the risk of becoming a terrible "nightmare for schools".

"The hidden for these devices market is significant, and this offer on Amazon is just the tip of the iceberg," added the deputy head.

Sidders wants all review boards take a hard line and challenge companies that sell these devices.

The deputy head also said it is a totally irresponsible act trying to sell these items to students who are under academic pressure and could be caught in the act and disabled for the rest of their exams.
Clock Copy
Clock Copy

The great concerns about the fraudulent use of these smart watches is already affecting exams. "My professor of microbiology examines each and every one of the watches every time we have a test. If the watch is not analog must be left in the bucket of cell phones, "said student Abigail Lauze.

The Joint Council for Qualifications, publicly said that schools should inform all students "what is allowed and what is not in the examination room when submitting a test."

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