Secret Codes for your iPhone

As in video games ever we will have committed the serious lack of use codes, tricks, cheats, well, whatever it is we call them know that we were using in the most desperate moments of a game.
Secret Codes for iPhone
Secret Codes for iPhone

In this case you can try some of the codes on the keypad for dialing calls, so that from these codes you can learn more about the possible things to do with your iPhone. So here we leave this list with interesting codes that you can use whenever you want and that surely will be very useful:

1. Know the IMEI code of your phone: The Imternational Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is the identification of a cell, and you know that number simply by typing * # 06 # and this will appear on the screen.

2. Menu prevention calls (Call Barring): This is a series of codes that can help you manage your calls, this in the sense that you can prevent or allow them to make calls to a certain number, as well as to activate or disable call waiting processes and the like. You will have to write the following codes:

Press * 33PIN# (used to activate the menu prevention calls)
Press # 33 * # (off the menu prevention calls)
Press * # 43 # and call (active menu call waiting)
Press * 43 # and call (call waiting active)
Press # 43 # and call (call waiting off)
Press * # 21 # (you know the status of your call if they have moved to another department)

3. See where your text messages stop: The reason for this code is nothing more and nothing less than to know the number of the service center manager to process your message, that if you want a number to contact you with your supplier messaging service, and this just by dialing * # 5005 * 7672 # and call.

4. Go to your iPhone Text Field: In this screen you will see the technical details of the GSM and UMTS connections of your phone. This information can be you needed because you know the range of area that offers your mobile phone provider.

To access this menu you should dial 3001 # 12345 #, after this call,

5. You call without showing your ID: If you want to make a call where not show your ID, you just have to dial # 31 # followed by the number you wish to call.

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