Scientists convert heat energy battery

Enough time not publish anything related to ecology or better use of various resources ago, so today we had the idea of ​​sharing a story like this with you. Electricity is great, is the engine of modern civilization in fact, and batteries generate electricity to run different devices, but the problem battery / batteries is that the heat generated during the process is wasted, when in reality it could be used. A group of scientists from Stanford University have devised a way to convert this waste heat into electricity.
Scientists convert heat energy battery
Scientists convert heat energy battery

The principle of termogalvánico effect (new and little known little word) is behind this great discovery. Basically, what is said is that the temperature can affect the voltage of a rechargeable battery. What scientists do is to use the waste heat to heat the battery when it is unloaded. Then keep the battery temperature while charging, and once it is fully charged is cooled, which allows the voltage to increase. Once it is completely cold, it will have more energy than it received during the charging process.

The concept is not really new the first tests were carried out during the 50s', but the problem is that at that time science did not have all the necessary tools or to use the heat technology. Now, thanks to advances in the area of ​​batteries and electricity, and such processes can be carried out in controlled environments (they are not rare experiment ever do at home).

Still, the system still has its disadvantages: first, it works only with large batteries, and secondly how long the battery takes to recharge is higher than usual, but as we said the energy it receives from the charger is the same . There are still details to polish, but we hope that this technology may be coming to homes in a couple of years.

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