Samsung SL-M2026

Easy to use

With its simple and intuitive operation, the M2026 saves you a lot of time and effort.
Samsung SL-M2026
Samsung SL-M2026

One touch screen print

With just one push-button, everything on the monitor is sent directly to the printer.

High printing speed

A faster printer stands for faster workflows. A 400 MHz processor and 8 MB of memory allow printing of 20 pages per minute.

Professional quality

Print quality without compromise: sharp edges and contours thanks to ReCP image optimization technology.
Samsung SL-M2026
Samsung SL-M2026

Easy Eco Driver

Save up to 20 percent of your printing costs with the Samsung Easy Eco Driver. This useful software reduces paper, toner and energy consumption by allowing users to remove unnecessary text and image elements or to convert bitmaps to vector graphics. The Easy Eco driver has received the "Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award 2012" from the Buyers Laboratory (BLI).

Brilliant image and text quality for your documents

The M2026 prints your texts and pictures in brilliant quality. The resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi is achieved by changing the point size and position of the pixels. They print more details for perfectly sharp prints.

Enjoy high-quality prints

The unique ReCP technology from Samsung (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) ensures a better overall image quality.

Easy software support

The printer also includes software support to help you achieve high-quality prints with even less effort.

Easy Printer Manager

Easy Printer Manager allows you to remotely control printer settings and easily monitor the printer status.

Ergonomic design

Its ergonomic design in ebony brown and ice gray will complete your work environment.

Little need for space

Space of only 33.1 x 21.5 cm. The most compact multifunction laser printer from Samsung.

Ergonomic design

Its ergonomic design in ebony brown and ice gray completes your work environment.

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