Samsung Announces New Micro USB Cable 3 in 1

Sometimes one circumstance or another we are left with a single USB connector available, and if we have multiple devices that need to be recharged recargándolos have to go one at a time. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between first load our tablet or your smartphone or camera, so this little we see in the picture comes in handy for those situations. Samsung has decided to make life a little easier by announcing this new cable Micro USB 3 in 1.
Samsung Announces New Micro USB Cable 3 in 1
Samsung Announces New Micro USB Cable 3 in 1

These cables are not exactly new, and there are many different types of connectors on the market, but if by chance you are looking for one that is not generic and allows you to connect multiple devices at once, then you just found it. One of the main points of this cable is that it is manufactured by Samsung, so its quality is probably better compared to many who can be found in the market. Usage is simple of course just plug the USB cable into our computer or laptop and immediately tell three Micro USB connectors ready to be used.

As shown in the picture above, Samsung suggests that we can recharge (or sync with our PC) several devices simultaneously, such as the smartphone, the smartwatch and wireless headphones. This new 3 Micro USB cable 1 without doubt could come in handy for when we go on vacation or at parties where necessary to connect multiple devices.

Given the nature of the cable, of course recharge speed is reduced depending on the number of devices that are connected at the same time. If we connect two devices speed is reduced by half, and if we connect three reduced to the third party.

The new 3 Micro USB cable 1 Samsung has a cost of $ 40, considerably more expensive than expected.

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