Project Shield anti DDoS service for news sites

Supported nothing more and nothing less than by the Inter American Press Association, Project Shield has reached Latin America in order to protect news websites against DDoS famous and dangerous.
Project Shield
Project Shield

Recently, the Internet giant, Google, launched in Latin America its most recent new service, which focuses on providing protection against Denial of Service (better known as DDoS for its acronym in English), which receives name Project Shield .

Surely there are many who have heard of this kind of attack or some of your sites was compromised because of some, but what is a denial-of-service attack ?, as well as indicating Google, this is a " an attempt to disable an online service to saturating with multiple connection requests. "

Daily are detected 2,000 such attacks as indicating Digital Attack Map

Project Shield
Project Shield

The ambisicioso Project Shield can be used by sites that focus on news, page somehow related to human rights or also in entities that are responsible for the monitoring of electoral processes. What's more, if you are a freelance journalist and you have a personal website, you can also use the service.

To use the new Google service, you must first apply on the official website of the project.

"Attacks Denial of Service is used as a source of censorship and damage to reputation. Its incidence in Latin America has increased in recent years. We want all news sites, human rights and election monitoring use it. Google provides its infrastructure to improve protection against this type of cyber offensive "was what George said Conrad, who is the director of Product of Project Shield in an announcement to the media.

Once the website is accepted by Project Shield, its administrator will receive a guide in which the steps that must follow for the respective service configuration (which takes less than only 10 minutes) are detailed. Essentially DNS records must be modified so that traffic is redirected to servers Shield.
Project Shield
Project Shield

Now all excellent, but how does this service work ?, Well when someone visit the web site protected by Project Shield, the connection request in the first instance to the servers of the project will address. This with the main objective of identifying those suspicious or malignant connections.

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