Plants could become the solar cells of the future

Photosynthesis is a very basic process that scientists have understood for many years. Recent research in the field of solar energy could forever change the use of photosynthesis. A team of researchers from the University of Georgia have devised a method for generating electrical energy from photosynthesis.
Plants could become the solar cells of the future
Plants could become the solar cells of the future

It is actually quite intuitive if we think a little about it. Plants, when they perform photosynthesis, what they do is absorb solar energy to separate water molecules and electrons used to create sugars and nutrients. Obviously, the scientific community has found a "better" use for these electrons use to recharge all kinds of devices.

The process involves connecting nanotubes some plants to take electrons from photosynthesis. These electrons are deflected towards a cable to act as electrical current. When testing the current intensity, it was found that this method can get double power compared with traditional solar cells.

The only problem we see is that the plants obviously could not carry out the process of photosynthesis correctly. No doubt there will be that much more research before making full use of this technology.

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