OWC launches new SSD USB 3.0 memory

Other World Computing, also known as OWC, has led to the CES 2015 its new USB flash drives, which also happen to be SSD drives. These new reports are available in capacities of 120GB and 240GB, and the firm plans to launch a version of 480GB of capacity in the coming months. The SSD memories OWC make use of a USB 3.0 connector, which, combined with the fact that it is an SSD, give us a reading speed and really high writing, reaching 433MBps, which is fine . The design of reports is relatively simple, even minimalist might say, and consists of an aluminum body without any embellishment or text.
OWC launches new SSD USB 3.0 memory
OWC launches new SSD USB 3.0 memory

The official name given to these memories is Envoy Pro Mini, and its sale will be kicking off this month, costing $ 120 version of 120GB of capacity. If we want to get the 240GB will have to pay $ 200, while the 480GB unit does not have a defined official cost, but as we said will not be coming to market soon.

During CES the company also took the opportunity to announce another device, the Envoy Pro EX, but he not had the opportunity to show instead. As noted, this memory is also a SSD but has a much greater capacity, reaching 1TB, and of course also connects through a USB 3.0 interface. As known will be available between March and February and its price will be around $ 600, being able to achieve write speeds of up 436MB / s.

Advances in storage media that have occurred in recent years are those that have allowed the emergence of these great memories of high capacity and high speed data transfer.

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