New iPhone 7

Tim Cook who is the current CEO of Apple said so very, very safe "iPhone 7 is the best phone we've ever created" last Wednesday at the presentation of smartphone of the company's manzanita.
iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Many are those who say that this new terminal is much like the predecessor iPhone 6, but Apple put its best effort to create a much higher than the previous device.

So we ask, what differentiates them most? Is it worthwhile to change the 6S by the new?

Arguably, in summary, that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus stand out for their new camera, processing power (new chip A10), it is waterproof and dustproof. And new, is the absence of 3.5mm port.

New photographic capabilities

The look is a very conditional to the choice of a terminal or another factor. But Apple has always paid close attention as to the photographic capabilities of their handsets.
iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Powerful new cameras 12 Megapixel functionality includes optical image stabilization. They have a much larger aperture of ƒ / 1.8 and last but not least, a goal of six elements allow users, making photos and videos of impeccable quality.

So you can capture the best moments of your life in HD and record your videos in 4K.

Processing and much more autonomy

The new iPhones terminals have powerful new A10 Fusion chip, which was custom-designed by Apple especially, as always clear this. This is the most powerful processor of all smartphones currently and in addition to its power, this provides greater autonomy.

Audio innovation

Apple boasts sound much of its terminals, which not escaped the radar of their new smartphones. in fact, it arguably has been one of the strongest moves of the Cupertino company. Something that causes quite a difference, is the commitment to new stereo speaker, which offer flawless sound, which reaches twice the volume and clarity than the previous iPhone 6s.
iPhone 7
iPhone 7

The new AirPods with Lightning connector, are the primary key in this new stage of sound imposed by the genius of Cupertino, which is already giving a lot to talk about. Besides all this, the iPhone 7 will include a small adapter for traditional headphone jack 3.5 mm.

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