New Apple Watch 2

It is no secret to anyone that any ad that Apple resounds in the world of technology and cause great excitement among the millions of users, as well as the recent slip of the Samsung.
Apple Watch 2
Apple Watch 2

So yeah, the main opponent of the company manzanita, which unfortunately has been forced to recall his most recent and powerful smartphone Galaxy Note 7 because of the explosion of some of their batteries while they are loaded.

The famous South Korean firm already had everything ready to "plug" (so to speak) the launch of its rival with its new premium Galaxy Note device 7, but the thing unfortunately could not be.

Water resistant to 50 meters deep

The new iPhone in July is here to stay, and it is time to check how true are the rumors spread during the last weeks before its release. The Cupertino firm announced Apple Watch Series 2, ie, the second-generation smart watch company, which is now water resistant to 50 meters deep, the functions of Siri for this new version, have been completely redesigned.
Apple Watch 2
Apple Watch 2

All new contraption slots are completely sealed and the device may also be used to measure what would be our physical activity in the water. That is what time we can shower or bathe with it in the pool or the beach. The new speakers are fully equipped with a powerful system that allows them to expel water that can enter and maintain impeccable sound quality.

A little more independent

This new version uses the built-in GPS to record very accurately the distance, pace and speed workouts outdoor users, an example would be, to go out walking, running or cycling, without carrying an iPhone with you, including some of the new features. So that they can become independent as such phone when playing sports.

You can play Pokemon Go from Apple Watch

The very well known but Pokemon Go, you can play directly from the new Apple Watch. In the demo made in the presentation, technicians have shown the public how the clock can tell us about the proximity of new Pokemon to capture, it allows us to act in the "you pokeparadas" and we will also marking the distance we have traveled. Actually these are not the full game as such, but a complement that gives us the certain activities from the watch.
Apple Watch 2
Apple Watch 2

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