New Acer Liquid Leap SmartBand

Time, always we rely on to measure many things, such as: the years we have lived, the hours we sleep, the duration of a film, the cooking time our favorite food, the months remaining before the premiere the new season of your favorite series, in short, for everything. In fact time is so important in everyone's life that leads us to the following analogy: if you lose money you can recover if you lose your job, surely you can find one in a few weeks or months, but the time lost is irrecoverable from any point of view.
Acer Liquid Leap
Acer Liquid Leap

That is why we must give quality to those hours, even minutes to seguindos we consume us day after day, and why not give quality time with style? or rather, quality, stylish + technology. And that is where enters the play's famous Taiwanese company Acer, well known for its beautiful line of products such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and PCs, but who on this occasion they risk the market for wearables devices (ie that dress) and we bring their smart band, which receives name Liquid Leap now available on the market for $ 90 us dollars.

This smart band comes in several eye-catching colors with interchangeable straps, which you a fashionista touch the device, and this has a sleek and stylish LCD screen where you can see the time, date and notifications, as this can be linked via Bluetooth with your smartphone and notify about receiving messages, emails and phone calls. In fact the device 100% compatible with phones that have Android or iOS as the Apple operating system.
Acer Liquid Leap
Acer Liquid Leap

But this does not end here, because with this clever band can take control of the music stored on your phone and to change it, pause and play it from your wrist. Another striking feature of this device Acer is your comfort when worn on the wrist and this is because the Liquid Leap can also be your personal trainer, measuring heart rate, counting steps, meters or kilometers driven and storing all this in your smartphone generating statistics athletic performance.

So if you want to give your quality time with a touch of style, exercising with a trainer 2.0 and take control of your phone from the wrist, Liquid Leap is indicated gadget for you.

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