Micro PC CX9220 road

This Micro PC is manufactured by the brand CX Argentina looking for innovation, design and quality of their products in order to expand globally.

Micro PC CX9220
Micro PC CX9220

This has developed the CX9220, a device that can be connected to any display with an HDMI input and in turn has dimensions of 125mm x 125mm x 13mm, making it easy to transport, whereas its weight is only 200 gr .

The CX9220 was officially presented to the world in August 2015 at the international event of business solutions and applications for business "Business Workshop IT". CX manager said the company understands the meaning of technology market comprises certain factors for the Micro PC CX succeed.

For several months we worked to offer high performance in smaller PCs each time. The first release of the year was the Mini PC Sirius, and the expectation generated confirmed that the market grows in this regard. That's why today we launch the PC Micro, designed for home, but flexible in their characteristics, so that it suits the needs of the businessman who travels or a meeting room, said Axel Márquez Miranda, manager of the Argentina brand CX.
Micro PC CX9220
Micro PC CX9220

Its small design does not have to be underestimated, since its size has not been an impediment to take advantage of their connectivity. The CX9220 will have a compatible HDMI output with LCD monitors, TVs and projectors, has 3 USB 2.0 ports, reader Micro SD, headphone jack, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 cards, plus the micro PC will not feature fan, what is silent and energy consumption is lower. He has also included its own battery, which provides up to 30 minutes of charging in case of a power outage.

Internal capabilities of the Micro PC is another of its strengths, and that is to give greater advantage has been given a good enough performance. Given the opportunity that you possess to connect to different video output devices.

The CX9220 will have the Windows 8.1 operating system installed, with the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10, will feature 2GB of RAM DDR3L memory, an Intel Quad Core processor and a graphics processor Intel HD Graphics. In addition, your hard disk capacity varies between two models of these Micro PCs; where will the CX9220, which will have 32 GB of internal storage, and the CX9221, which will have 64 GB of internal storage.
Micro PC CX9220
Micro PC CX9220

CX Micro PC allows the user to surf the Internet, watch videos, access your Netflix account or using the Office tools. You will also have access to Microsoft applications store.

By the way, due to their different tools for connectivity it is also possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to this, making the experience of it as similar to that of a PC, and if we fall short of space is also possible to connect an external storage unit if its internal memory that we fall short at some point.

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