Meet the Project Scorpio the new masterpiece of Microsoft

How quickly time flies when you're talking about generations of consoles, when it seemed just yesterday we had fun with our consoles childhood, with a technology that at the time were the best.
Project Scorpio
Project Scorpio

But today, this is where we dazzle with the technological advances of new generations of consoles, and now in the eighth generation of video consoles will have two new Xbox by we have the Slim version of Xbox ONE and Scorpio Project which has been called The most powerful console ever created.

During E3 this year, although the premieres of new deliveries took them mostly Sony during his lecture, note that its equal in the world of video games, Microsoft also prepared a presentation of his new projects that put many head. Managers carry out the conference for the Xbox brand, where they gave the job of bringing to public attention their new hardware systems and software for this current generation.

The Project Scorpio will be "the most powerful console ever created" and not to exaggerate with words, but the words of the development team that you do know with this video where they explain the capabilities of your Project Scorpio they define as "a monster "consoles.

The characteristics of the Project Scorpio are incredibly superior to what we know of the current generation consoles, counting on a computing capacity of up to 6 TeraFLOPS that will allow handling a native gaming to a 4K resolution and also for reality games virtual (VR).

But not to worry, because this new console will not put aside the current console that have been working since it went on sale in September of 2013. Microsoft has planned for Xbox keep learning games for their consoles (ONE ONE S and SCORPIO). The games that come out for Xbox ONE and Xbox ONE S will be compatible with Project Scorpio retro and have some special games for the console, which is said to be unique to this but there is nothing to fear for users current console, consoles still have much to give in their life cycle and will be more and more deliveries that will be for the enjoyment of all.
Project Scorpio
Project Scorpio

For now only have to continue learning until the date on which the Project Scorpio goes on sale, which is scheduled for the end of year 2017, while its predecessor by then it will be the Xbox ONE S goes on sale now in August this year.

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