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Still you do not know English? So today we bring Tecnomagazine fabulous news. This is a place to learn English easily and quickly through apps you can install on your Smartphone. If you ever frustraste trying to learn English with traditional lessons, or you were bored in English class, it's time to try a fun and above all productive alternative to learn new languages.

TuAppPara is a place where you will find reviews of applications for almost everything you can think of, such as Improve Your Lifestyle, Productivity at Work, Social Relations, listen to music, watch videos or take picture, and languages, among many others . Of these, a category that stands out among all is to learn English.

Best Apps for Learning Languages

Among the applications that stand out in this site to learn English you can find two important and well-known:


This is one of the most used applications by people who want to learn a new language. It is also free, your learning curve is fast and it is a fun app to learn languages ​​like English, French, Chinese and many other languages.

Like other apps, Duolingo also includes several levels to advance as you acquire new knowledge, you'll also exercises and some tests to see how much you can learn in time.


It is another excellent alternative for learning languages, it is nothing more and nothing less than 600 language lessons where the level of demand increases as you progress, ranging from beginner to advanced. Best of all is that it is 100% free, believe it or not. And if you know English continues to be an excellent source to refresh your vocabulary and grammar.


Voxy is a revolutionary app language study and already more than 3 million students worldwide from more than 21 countries. Voxy fits your real time to advance slowly without requiring you too. In addition also it allows you to analyze sentences, understand what they mean something very revolutionary and lets you sing Karaoke to learn while having fun singing your favorite songs.

Today, learning other languages ​​is much easier than before, thanks to technology and apps like those mentioned, in a few months can have a fairly advanced vocabulary of another language. Of course not learned from the overnight, and you spend hours and study, like everything you're new to know.

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