Kingston launches USB 3.0 flash memory 1TB

It was several years ago when memories with 4GB of space were tops. Today, for about $ 40 we can get a 64GB capacity, although Kingston has something greater at hand, great memories with capacities of 512GB and 1TB, ready to make your wallet explodes with prices.
Kingston launches USB 3.0 flash memory 1TB
Kingston launches USB 3.0 flash memory 1TB

Kingston is not the first company to create a model like this, because it makes about a year was presented the Victorinox Swiss Army whose price being produced, would have been about $ 3,000.

But better move on to what's important. What gives us the memory of 1TB Kingston? First of all is called DataTraveler HyperX Predator, and second, makes us possessors of the best flash memory in the world, have an even greater ability than my hard drive and its great USB 3.0 interface that offers a reading speed and writing 240MB / s and 160MB / s respectively.

How much will the DataTraveler HyperX Predator? Well, it was not announced, but given that the 512GB model spends $ 1700 dollars, perhaps not interest you to know.

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