It is rumored that Apple will unveil for October the new MacBook Pro

As strange thing has emerged another rumor concerning products of Apple, but this time the protagonists are the new laptops MacBook Pro, which is rumored to'll come completely renovated from head to toe.
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

All know that recently the new iPhone 7 and the new Apple Watch Series 2 are devices that have completely dominated the news (both in newspapers, magazines and on the internet) during the last weeks before, during and after what was his official presentation to the world. This time the Mac returns to the scene of the possible rumor that this blaring from all social networks that during this month of October a new, powerful and completely renovated MacBook Pro is presented to the world. It's something many fans of the brand had in mind to happen soon, but now thanks to new data secure arrival.

As reported by the famous website dedicated to MacRumors Apple, the company could be preparing what would be known as the Sierra macOS 10.12.1 for the next compuutadoras, as found which would be a completely new exclusive features for the new hardware which they will offer the public, as is the case of the OLED panel and the inclusion of TouchID. On the other hand, also it talks about what would be the arrival of the powerful AMD graphics for high-end models with screens of about 15 inches, but is not as accurate as it is elegant OLED panel.

In addition to the new models of MacBook Pro completely repowering, Apple may be putting together a forthcoming update also known MacBook Air, with the implementation of USB-C and a much more powerful battery. The iMac with AMD graphics, is expected to arrive before the year 2016 ends, but for now it is not entirely clear whether the three new lines of the Mac will be announced at the same time or if the company of the manzanita prepare one of his famous keynote to introduce new devices or just be in this case, a simple update directly in the online and physical stores without much alborto.
MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro

Do not forget that Apple is working on an Apple Thunderbolt Display, which offer impeccable 5K resolution and a powerful integrated graphics card, which will provide safe quality graphics very, very spectacular.

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