It becomes viral dinosaur Chrome

If you're one of the users who use the famous Google Chrome browser and at some time you have run out of internet, it is likely that you know about the famous dinosaur.
Dinosaur Chrome
Dinosaur Chrome

It is a small Tyrannosaurus rex, which is designed in the style of 8-bit grayscale Arcades. But it is not just a simple browser alert that there is no internet connection, but the recently popular and known by the name "dinosaur game Chrome".

As we all know, the internet giant, Google, could say that we always have a surprise for and in this case, with its small dinosaur has not made an exception to this. This simple and fun game aims only to make us move the fastest time (so to speak) until you return Internet connection.

The goal is very simple, in this case it is the small dinosaur make progress, while all the obstacles that appear along the way esquevan.

Currently the game Dinosaur Chrome is known worldwide, but lately, suddenly has reached more viral than ever, this after it became known that if we can move forward with the dinosaur in the game, will be achieved produce certain changes in it .

In fact, if we get the famous dinosaur survive for a long time, we see that around birds began to appear and the background of the game happened to be black.
Dinosaur Chrome
Dinosaur Chrome

In fact it is a fairly simple thing, but as few users what they had seen so far, this phenomenon of the game is becoming very, very viral lately, which is to grow much what would be the number of fans of this dinosaur and the game.

How to play the game Dinosaur Google Chrome?

If you want pasártela big with this addictive (but simple) game you have to do is just unplug your router or data from your mobile phone (in case you want to play on your cell) and try to access the Google page. With no connection, immediately you will see the screen the famous dinosaur and you can start the game by clicking on the dinosaur or by pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

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