HTC will release a smartwatch in February

Last year there was talk enough about the launch of a smartwatch by the guys at HTC, but ultimately what the company said was not a smart watch, but a bracelet fitness, that although it is similar in some respects, definitely still a different device.
HTC will release a smartwatch
HTC will release a smartwatch

But this bracelet not hit the market: already been delayed twice and is expected to launch for next year. In short, HTC currently has no sales wearable device.

The good news is that next year the company will be launching two, as long as the rumors are true. Apart from the aforementioned bracelet, it seems that finally the smart watch manufacturer will be launched.

And this rumor comes from a tweet from @evleaks, who has indicated that HTC has plans to launch a smartwatch in February. We do not know exactly which day of February, but is quite likely to see the first device in the MWC 2016 or maybe at CES 2016, which will be taking place in early January (in just over a month).

At this point the device specifications are still unclear, but the design at least we know it will be circular, which seems to be being taken by most manufacturers smartwatches.

It is not known whether the clock will be running Android Wear or HTC has chosen to use some own platform, although the latter would be a little weird, so most of the bets fall on Android Wear.

By now you tomemes this with tweezers, but if it be all true then in 2016 we will have the HTC Grip and also a new smartwatch.

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