Gorilla Glass 5 the best protection for your screen

A simple question, who do not you dropped the phone even once?. It is an unpleasant and myocardial feeling, no doubt. And then it cracked screen or in the worst case no longer lit. Well, things like that happen to anyone.
Gorilla Glass 5
Gorilla Glass 5

They are companies that spend on premium materials on the market for the production of their devices, which is why even them better than other competing sometimes attributed finish less resistance. It is therefore that companies often choose components that give greater durability to the product that are distributed.

Corning Inc. is the manufacturer Gorilla Glass company, which until a couple of years ago surprised everyone with its innovation in Gorilla Glass 4, a crystal that provided protection to the screen before the impact against a surface from certain heights. Now re-invents Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is a chemically reinforced glass, extending the durability (mostly) of smartphones and other mobile devices to falls from considerable heights onto rough surfaces.

This generation of Gorilla Glass has significant improvements compared to the previous one, which only supported a normal drop of no more than one meter on a flat surface, the new version offers protection to fall device to a height of 1.6 meters, where this strength corresponds to the fact that the thickness of Gorilla Glass 5 is 0.6 millimeters thick, equivalent to twice its previous version.
Gorilla Glass 5
Gorilla Glass 5

The agreements ruled by companies HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, HP and Asus, who want their product line have the protection of the new generation of protective glass of Corning Inc.

The results given by Corning based on the strength of Gorilla Glass 5 was noted that 80% of the events where the fall of 1.6 meters, the device in question survived, besides being more resistant to scratches without compromising the sharpness or touch sensitivity of the screen.

Mass production of Gorilla Glass 5 has begun officially, and its commercialization is planned for the coming months on devices that are close to be presented. This means that for those who have a tendency (or unlucky) to drop your phone often have good news, now can worry less, but certainly not going to stop being careful.

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