Google ISIS prevent young recruits online

Google has plans in the short term, using his great ability to track users perform searches with the sole purpose of making them change their minds and prevent join ISIS.
Google ISIS prevent young recruits online
Google ISIS prevent young recruits online

Something that seems rather curious, is that one of the major powers that characterizes the Islamic group calling itself the State of other organizations known as extremists, is his great and ingenious skill to handle all the field related to social networks, as well as their ability to attract hundreds of supporters from all over the world thanks to nothing more and nothing less than the internet.

But of course, to counteract this power that has demonstrated the Islamic State in the internet, Google has devised what would be a plan in place to make tracking possible threats, it intends to change his mind users found very seriously considering what would be the option to join the ranks of the radicals

The famous and known method of redirection

Jigsaw, which is a think tank of Google, which until a few days ago it was known as Google Ideas, is working for a year on this important project, which has been named Redirect Method (or redirect method translated into English).

With what would be the combination of the powerful algorithms of the search engine Google and also with the video platform YouTube, this program places some ads next to that would be the results obtained to proceed to search for keywords or phrases that, according Jigsaw laboratory, considered some interest to the Islamic State.

These ads lead to YouTube channels in both Arabic and English offering playlists of several videos that the creators of this project believe can effectively undo the unfortunate brainwashing of the Islamic State.

How can you test the effectiveness of the project?

The internet giant, Google, assures and confirms that the results of this pilot project were truly amazing and effective: in just two months, more than 300,000 users were attracted to YouTube channels anti-EI.

Approximately hundreds of thousands of users, went something like 500,000 minutes watching these videos.

Laboratory Jigsaw, these results were very revealing, so much so that even plans on expanding what would be the program to all extremist threats in the United States.

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