Google invests $ 300 million in new solar energy project

Several prominent companies in the world of technology and the Internet are interested in ecology, and this includes giants like Apple, Microsoft or Facebook, to name a few. Recently it has been reported that the Google guys have invested no less than $ 300 million in a new solar energy project that will be carrying out signature SolarCity. The project has a total investment of $ 750 million and the objective is to encourage people to start using solar energy at home.

This new project has brought money to cover the cost of solar panels and the installation work thereof, so that the owners of the places where they will be used will not have to worry about these expenses, which are expected to encourage them to be a little greener. SolarCity is the largest provider of solar energy industry in the US and has high hopes for this new initiative.
Google invests $ 300 million in new solar energy project
Google invests $ 300 million in new solar energy project

The problem of solar energy at the household level are the initial costs. The installation price can be up to $ 20,000 even. With the new project, qualified applicants will not have to worry about that first payment, which is certainly the most difficult.

SolarCity provides a service similar to the typical electricity utilities. The main difference is that it has cheaper rates and also the energy used comes from a clean source. SolarCity currently operates in 14 US states and is in the process of expansion.

Notably, Google already worked on a similar project carried out by SolarCity in 2011, so can say that these two companies already know each other well.

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