Go is the new YouTube app to watch videos Offline

Currently the most famous applications begin to take their lite versions. As is the case of Youtube, now we present a Youtube app called Go that serves nothing more and nothing less than to watch videos offline. Let's learn more about it in this article.

Youtube Go: Google's new watch videos offline

But in this case, the Internet giant has not opted for a Lite version of one of its most famous applications, but rather, is a version of the app from the famous YouTube, you thought in those countries where the internet connection has a speed very slow. This could not have called your YouTube Go solution.
YouTube Go
YouTube Go

Youtube Go is an app from Google designed in the position of India with regard to the problem with Internet connectivity, where data rates are limited and their coverage areas are very poor to also add the fact that the speed of connection is very slow. This makes them very difficult to get to YouTube from India, if they are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

But what is so special about YouTube Go? With the new official YouTube app you can download videos and then view them without connection and to share them with your friends via Bluetooth, and most likely from any app as it is Whatsapp. It is ideal for when you have no internet and you need to watch videos offline.

Go YouTube application is very simple, this has the search bar, the Home tab to see which are the most popular videos and the feature tab Guardado, where all downloaded videos are ready to view offline.
YouTube Red
YouTube Red

The application also allows to choose the quality for the videos, either by playing streaming as you can also choose the quality with which you want to download videos. In addition, you can view a preview of the videos in the thumbnail image of these to know what the video is about, and so decide whether to download.

Moreover, this is not the prime time on YouTube have a similar service. This is called YouTube Network, which has the ability to download video and then watch them without the need to be connected, besides this service is free of ads. But unlike YouTube Go, subscribing to this service is paid, and is limited to only the territory of the United States, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.
Go YouTube, the ideal app to watch videos offline
Go YouTube, the ideal app to watch videos offline

For now YouTube Go is enabled only in India, but not the possibility that in the future reach more countries, as the same with YouTube Network is also expected discarded.

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