Dream On the app that monitors your dreams

Perhaps you would like is to have more fluidity in your dreams and be able to remember without problems after waking.
Dream On
Dream On

The simple fact of being able to walk a meadow and have been influential enough in yourself to make it happen, this is what they tell us is possible with Dream On.

You can once you had a dream that you wanted to repeat, or were those who saw the film Inception (or origin, in Latin), and thought about how great it is to have a dream that you can control everything or even have a dream within a dream Well, we did not go so far from the subject.

The new app for Apple mobile devices, Dream On, is able to influence the creation of your dreams. This application developed by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University Hertfordshire, England, who explains that his application also influences the emotional tone of the dream, with the soundscape nature creating dreams that are especially positive, and landscape city ​​sound production of the strangest dreams.
Dream On
Dream On

Professor Wiseman explains that after the first years of the application have been launched at the International Science Festival Edinburgh 2012, there are millions of people who have downloaded the app for their mobile devices and have reported the results of their dreams, and those results have supported to demonstrate that the "dreams of the people are indeed influenced by their choice in different soundscapes", this means that depending on the sounds can shape dreams, this gives special importance of external factors .

The steps to monitor your dreams with Dream ON are:
1) Choose a sound,
2) Set the alarm time and tone,
3) Place your phone screen face down on the corner of your bed,
4) carries a record of your experiences during sleep and see your sleep patterns.

Moreover, the ideas of Wiseman are not exactly supported by other professionals in the field, at least, the opinion of Allan Hobson, professor emeritus of psychiatry at Harvard University and researcher on issues relating to sleep, says that "Dreams lucid is a rare occurrence".
Dream On
Dream On

"There is no doubt that you can influence to induce lucid dreams, but it is rare because it is a design error should not happen", Hobson said. "The body does not want you to stay awake and asleep at the same time the brain wants to be in one state or the other, not both at the same time", he added.

Plus it is not very advisable to sleep with your phone beside if you are sensitive to the electromagnetic field of the phone or even the noises person, would be best to occasionally use it in case you want to test, but it is not recommended habit.

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