Corsair Announces New USB 3.0 High Capacity Memory

The guys at Corsair just provide a new option when it comes to portable storage. This is a memory designed for people who require a lot of space and a high-speed file transfer. The flash memory in question is called Corsair Flash Voyager GTX, and as I pointed out in the title uses the USB 3.0 interface to connect to our desktop or notebook computer. This memory has similar capabilities to common SSDs, ie that is available in both 128GB and with 256GB of space. He has not yet gone on sale, but will hit the market in July.
Corsair Announces New USB 3.0 High Capacity Memory
Corsair Announces New USB 3.0 High Capacity Memory

As announced by Corsair, the new Flash Voyager GTX has a maximum read speed of 450MB / s write 350MB / s, which is not bad for a device of its size, though obviously without the USB 3.0 connection these speeds They would not be possible. The company has said that this is the fastest USB memory that have created so far, and of course also is one of the largest rated capacity.

It is worth mentioning that the device uses a similar technology of SSDs, so has high writing and reading speeds. It is possible to connect to a USB 2.0 port, but obviously the file transfer will take place slower in that case.

The capacity of the Flash Voyager GTX allows the user to keep at it whole operating systems, hundreds of photos and videos, documents of all kinds and many more files. Prices were already released: 128GB version will cost $ 120, while the 256GB will cost $ 200. Remember to be sold from next month.

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