Chemputer new military technology to aircraft

Although it seems straight out of a science fiction movie, but it's true and UK scientists and engineers are dedicated to doing just that.

In fact, there are already British war planes whose parts were made with powerful 3D printers, and scientists are using this same technology to make advanced drones literally measure.

The benefit with this as the military sphere is very obvious: to build teams quickly (very quickly) and quite close to the battlefield, which offers a great advantage over any enemy in any war.

Chemical reactions

Under the expert industry advice of one that could be considered the world's largest military contractor, BAE Systems, Professor Lee Cronin (who is a scientist at the University of Glasgow in Scotland) is developing what has been christened as "chemputer" which is not a new element in the periodic table, but a pun on chemistry (chemistry) and computer.

In theory, a chemputer achieved literally "grow" in laboratory small unmanned aircraft by something we could say that is a print-chemical 3D.

While the everyday is that a 3D printer physically makes any machine parts for assembly later, the chemputer accelerates chemical at a molecular level (which is very, very impressive) reactions. If perfected, this would mean that instead of taking months or even years to make 1 plane, these only be ready in just weeks.

An interesting animation of how would this futuristic process. Which will be a challenge as indicated by Professor Cronin.

But he says, that the failure to develop a digital synthesis engine assembly allow "complex objects with minimal human assistance", of course, at least at some point in the future.

Supersonic speed

A small British company now called Reaction Engines Limited, is developing a rocket that will fly at supersonic speed.

Considering that the supersonic speed is all that go about 5 times faster than the speed of sound, which is about 1,235 km / h.

BAE System has approximately invested more than $ 26 million in the project.

They see the great potential of the fact develop a military aircraft to reach a target long but much earlier than any other jet that currently exists. In addition to this, traveling at high speed and high altitude in space, it could also help evade defense systems, as well as anti-aircraft missiles.

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