BMW motorcycles also sees the future

The famous motorsports area company, BMW, gives his vision of how the future will be the motorcycle and more than that, has named Motorrand Vision of Next 100.
Motorrand Vision of Next 100
Motorrand Vision of Next 100

The Motorrand Next Vision 100 will be so very sure that in fact does not need to be handled helmet, but of high-tech glasses.

"It is the essence of motorcycling and the symbol of the ultimate driving experience," were the words of Adrian van Hooydonk, who is a car designer and besides that, vice president of the company BMW.

Although long recognized and important automotive company of German origin, has knowledge and is at much the last word in fashion are called smart helmets, which integrate and provide augmented reality to the driver, showing real-time information about the track . But despite this, the BMW considers most particularly that in a few years, eventually becoming completely obsolete since driving will be very safe.

Surely many wonder how can you be driving this motorcycle so sure that does not require the use of helmets ?.

This question was answered by the BMW with a futuristic system of "self-balancing", which will make all the magic.

A futuristic system of self-balancing

As indicated by the German company, in the future, motorcycles take full advantage of artificial intelligence to fully adjust to the environment that are walking through a powerful system called auto-balance.

BMW says that the pilot will not need helmet, since the management will be 100% safe, thanks to digital technology Motorrand Next Vision 100.
Motorrand Vision of Next 100
Motorrand Vision of Next 100

"Just be sure not to wear a helmet if every vehicle off the road is autonomous and communicates with others so that there is no risk of accidents," says Jim Holder, who is the editorial director of the famous magazine specializing in the world of Autocar engines.

According to the company, "most vehicles" have the ability to be operated completely autonomously in just 20 years.

"BMW is considering a utopian future with this technology. And I think that all vehicle manufacturers believe that this will be possible, at least within about 30 or 50 years, "Holder added.

Of course, it could be several years before the committees responsible for worldwide regulation of transport, approve and trust in autonomous vehicles.

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