Autopilot its Tesla took him to the hospital and saved his life

The lawyer named Joshua Neally says she was driving quietly from his office to his home in his car Tesla Model X, when he suddenly began to feel a very strong stabbing pain in his chest and stomach.
Tesla Saves Lives
Tesla Saves Lives

Just he had just entered the highway, in the city of Springfield, Missouri, precisely in the eastern United States. Instead of calling an ambulance (which would be the usual), Neally decided to go to the hospital using the autopilot of its super modern vehicle.

After advancing about 32 kilometers, the lawyer for about 37 years old came to the path that led directly to the emergency unit of a hospital in Springfield. Neally the electric car parked manually and recorded in Emergencies, as counted by.

He was later diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and also a fatal blockage of what would be the blood vessels in the lungs.

The doctors told him he had been super lucky to survive the table so serious that I present on her way to be treated in the emergency room.
Tesla Saves Lives
Tesla Saves Lives

Security dispute

The famous autopilot Tesla, have the ability to change lanes and react to traffic route, has generated much controversy in the US, after the advanced functionality was involved in two serious accidents.

Of which a man died in Florida in May this year after the vehicle autonomously to overlook a trailer that was ahead.

Also in July, a driver was fortunately unhurt after his model X veer abruptly and crashed into a wooden railing edge of a two-lane road in Montana, north US

The automaker Tesla announcement published so that the advanced feature had not been used correctly in the second of accidents.

Automatic handling technology, is currently being investigated for what would be the federal department, which is responsible for security in all US roads.
Tesla Saves Lives
Tesla Saves Lives

But in the case of Joshua Neally, he feels very fortunate to have been able to use the autopilot and faithfully believes that this technology can save many lives.

"I am grateful for having used for this experience," said Mr. Neally.

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