Apple without Steve Jobs

Last October 5 were fulfilled and 5 years after the death of co-founder of the firm white manzanita, nothing more and nothing less than Steve Jobs, so there are many who say that after his departure, the company has been losing its magic.
Steve Job
Steve Job

Currently the company Apple is spending his days practically under what would be the shadows of a great and prodigious past where completely revolutionized the technology market worldwide often, remembering that each of their presentations was awaited with great excitement as always they dazzled with stunning advances.

Because of its many and epic conquests of the past, current efforts by the company look something like inadequate, and sometimes somewhat disappointing. The unfortunate absence of genius Steve Jobs is felt.

Recalling that glorious year of 2007, when Jobs announced everyone the famous iPhone, which completely changed the paradigms of mobile telephony as we knew it. In 2010, completely redesigned the tablet and literally set up a new consumer trend for the market.
Apple Logo
Apple Logo

We can not forget that poor completely redefined the personal computer, becoming a simple tool without an aesthetic charm to a terminal with style since launching the iMac in 1998.

And of course, you can not overlook the famous iPod, which is a device that changed so revolutionize our approach to the music we like.

But unfortunately the golden age of Apple with Steve Jobs genius, which was a very arrogant and angry passion of a man, a devoted to technological innovation leader ended October 5, 2011.

With the tragic death of genius, came many apocalyptic predictions for the famous Apple. For many people around the world, Jobs was something like an artist without whose masterly brush, white manzanita would not shine as in their glorious golden years.
Steve Job
Steve Job

Tim Cook, who is the man in charge of taking the throne of Jobs, introduced what it called a new corporate culture. In fact, internal company meetings changed completely. The financial area became practically in the center of business discussions. Cook is characterized as a cold, calculating personality, whose genius is expressed through sales strategies.

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