Apple announces its largest solar energy project

Apple is a company that on more than one occasion has been for the ecology. Surely many know that most datacenters apple get their electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind power. Recently, within the framework of the conference Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet held in San Francisco, the CEO of Apple has announced that they are already planning their biggest solar energy project to date, and certainly will be one of the largest in the world. As announced by Tim Cook, Apple will invest no less than $ 850 million in a gigantic solar farm. If unfamiliar with the term, a solar farm is a facility where you can find many solar panels in full production of energy.
Apple announces its largest solar energy project
Apple announces its largest solar energy project

The project will take shape in Monterey County, and apple expected to generate enough electricity to feed its new campus, a data center and all of its stores located in the state of California. It is estimated that the entire solar farm will occupy an area of approximately 500 hectares, and the construction will be done in partnership with the firm First Solar. Cook has indicated that the energy generated will be enough to meet the demand of 60,000 households.

Apple CEO in turn used the occasion to make clear that "climate change is real. Time debate that has already passed, now is the time to act, "further indicating that all data centers Cupertino giant renewable energy used directly or through investment. The truth is that Apple has spent much of its budget to environmental projects that feed their data centers, shops and other infrastructure.

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